Fred Sathal

Mineral Dress


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“Mineral” dress, reversible, in black cotton jersey, embroidered with random dots which spread in multicolored shards on the textile. The top of the bust is pierced with a black Calais-Caudry lace rectangle and the bottom of the bust is devoured by holes. Large oval opening on the mid back is applied and shaded with a rectangle of black lace.
The bottom of the dress is surrounded by blue-navy ribbons of ‘grosgrain’, on which a set of knots composed of rhythms of sequins and paillettes are woven.

All craft techniques are handmade, in our studio of Paris creation, according to unique know-how, specific to our Maison de Couture.

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Fred Sathal

Designer, artist, born in France in 1966, her work embodies many identities under wich she works for high fashion, arts and contemporary art. She develops rare masterpieces, like a magic potion, who would think of happiness by bandaging the individual.

Whorkarts that give their owners the opportunity to escape uniformity. An approach based on a deep pulse of freedom, layering ideas, techniques and effects. An indefinite road where only her ability to follow the flow of energy guides the gesture.