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Afalku bracelet


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Product Description

A bracelet with an atypical shape, colored and decorated with swarovski crystals.
Afalku inspired by Amazing symbol that represents strengh and sensitivity at the same time with a contemporary touch.
The model is thought and created in paris made in milan with a parisian finish.

Size : 7 x 2 cm
Chain size : 10 cm adjustable
Materials : Brass covered with 24k gold, enamel, swarovski crystals.


IMJILA is a parisian brand that mixes iconic and conteporary to create intemporel pieces for modern women. Our inspiration is drawing through several cultures, their symbols, linear identities and shadings. IMJILA ‘s creations are an invitation to travel, to explore while giving both a somptuous and confident style to women.

the designer’s idea based on the traveler jewel, Often during traveles, most of the time we buy iconic jewels of the visited place, because it’s different, it remember us our trip. The jewel becomes a souvenir, il contains a feeling of nostalgia.
Our approach is therefore to create collections in the form of a travel diary, each collection tells the story of a place, a culture while creating a pop and trend universe.