Pricing & payment




While browsing the site users can select their preferred currency from the menu presented at the top corner of the page. They can choose between United Arab Emirates dirham, Saudi Riyal, Kuwait Dinar, Qatari riyal, Bahraini Dinar, Omani Rial, United States dollar, UK Pound and Euro.

Product prices are set by the vendors in Euros. The site converts the values based on existing currency exchange rates. The rates are subject to variation and may go up or down; therefore prices are subject to change if the applicable currency exchange rate changes before an order is accepted.

Voucher Discounts
Discounts may be offered to selected customers at DIVANOOR’s discretion. The discounts can be redeemed by the customer during the checkout phase.

SECURE PAYMENT via CyberSource


On DivaNoor customers can pay using their credit card (Visa, MasterCard). We have partnered with CyberSoure (Visa), the leading provider of online payment solutions, to provide our customers with the best in terms of online security.

The site does not store any credit card information. DivaNoor uses the latest technology in SSL protection to ensure the shopping experience is 100% secure.

Depending on the customer’s country, customs fees, duties and taxes may apply. All these potential surcharges are the responsibility of the customer. Failure to pay these fees will cause the parcel to be returned to the vendor at the customer’s cost.




At DivaNoor we take the safety of our customers as well as that of our vendors very seriously. That is why we have partnered with CyberSource (Visa Inc.), a leading figure in secure payment online, to ensure that all transactions are 100% safe. CyberSource provide us with a complete suite of fraud control services including the below:

Decision Manager:

The only fraud management platform with the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar, Decision Manager increases fraud visibility more than 200 times, even for top merchants.

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Managed Risk Services:

Skilled team of risk analysts serving merchants on six continents help us optimize CyberSource Decision Manager results.

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Payer Authentication:

The 3-D Secure helps increase both cardholder and merchant confidence in internet purchases, and help reduce disputes and fraudulent activity.

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Fraud Alert:

With CyberSource Fraud Alert, we receive notifications in near real time—as soon as fraud is confirmed by the issuing bank.

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Points on DivaNoor are a way to show our appreciation for our clients. Every time a customer makes a purchase on the site, they earn points. Customers can redeem their points at checkout anytime. The more points they accumulate, the more discounts they earn.


Customers earn points for every product purchased on the site. Points value is assigned to each product and apply equally in all our international markets.


Customers can “spend” or redeem DivaNoor Points quickly and easily when they shop. On the Checkout page, the number of points that a customer has accumulated so far is displayed. By clicking APPLY POINTS, the discount is automatically applied to the shopping cart.


The number of points earned on every purchase is always displayed on the customer’s MY ACCOUNT page. Each time Points are redeemed DivaNoor instantly subtracts them from the account.


Points expire at the end of the year after a customer has earned them. DivaNoor reserves the right to change the structure of the program or to discontinue it at any time.