Paris, France

Combining clean lines and Berber motifs, sometimes minimalistic, romantic or ethnic styles, Tamarzizt jewels are the result of a mix between East and West. Bright colors, moucharabya, gold-plated metal, universal symbols and geometric forms coexist and intertwine into modern and sophisticated creations with extensive attention to detail. The pieces are inspired by the blend of different cultures and travels, a patchwork of mixed-beauties. In an article by The Stone Set Magazine, Oumaima states “I grew up surrounded by a culture where jewelry is important. Where jewels are passed on for Generations.” Her extensive travels, rich heritage, and imagination have allowed Oumaima to create a jewelry collection that exudes sophistication and charm. Whether for every day or for special occasions, these fashionable talismans will take you anywhere and everywhere.
  • Line Bracelet

    130  Tamarzizt
  • Mini Fringe Ring (24k gold plated)

    150  Tamarzizt
  • Luna Ring

    80  Tamarzizt
  • Lirhaa Ring

    65  Tamarzizt
  • Line Ring 540

    105  Tamarzizt
  • Line Ring 510

    85  Tamarzizt
  • Line Ring 500

    85  Tamarzizt
  • Silver Plated Fringe Ring

    170  Tamarzizt
  • Afromania Ring

    115  Tamarzizt
  • Arrow Cuff

    165  Tamarzizt
  • Afromecanica Cuff

    210  Tamarzizt
  • Mini Fringe Bracelet

    150  Tamarzizt
  • Arrow Earrings

    195  Tamarzizt
  • Afromecanica Earrings

    220  Tamarzizt
  • Afrodisiaque Earrings

    210  Tamarzizt
  • Fringe Left Earring

    170  Tamarzizt