Paris, France

Created for an elegant and curious woman, SESTRA offers a singular style to a dress or to a look through its collection of Leather Goods and Jewellery. Based on an original concept, SESTRA is the first brand to combine gemology with leather goods in a single piece. The brand is an invitation to travel through the adventures of two passionate sisters. Together, they aim to bring life to a world where the essentials of feminine accessories are revisited in a style both modern and original. The inspiration behind the brand comes from a mixture of Art Deco, tribal culture and Parisian chic. This fusion of styles gives each Sestra piece a distinctive flair. Leathers come from the most prestigious French and Italian tanneries, whilst the gemstones are individually selected in Jaipur.
  • Athéna Necklace

    95 67  Sestra
  • Besace Art Déco Black – Blue Chalcedony

    350  Sestra
  • Gaya Blue Zebra – Amethyst

    175 123  Sestra
  • Gaya Cinzano – Howlite

    175 123  Sestra
  • Gaya Golden Velvet – Blue Caledonia

    175 140  Sestra
  • Gaya Metallic – Blue Caledonia

    175 123  Sestra
  • Gaya Pearl Velvet – Dendrite

    175 140  Sestra
  • Gaya Red Velvet – Rose Caledonia

    175  Sestra
  • Gaya Shimmer – Rhodonite

    175  Sestra
  • Carmen

    275 220  Sestra
  • Maya

    380  Sestra
  • Valkyrie

    420 252  Sestra