Fred Sathal

Paris, France

Designer, artist, born in France in 1966, her work embodies many identities under wich she works for high fashion, arts and contemporary art. She develops rare masterpieces, like a magic potion, who would think of happiness by bandaging the individual. Whorkarts that give their owners the opportunity to escape uniformity. An approach based on a deep pulse of freedom, layering ideas, techniques and effects. An indefinite road where only her ability to follow the flow of energy guides the gesture.
  • Astral Denim Pants

    3,240  Fred Sathal
  • Colors Jacket

    5,400  Fred Sathal
  • Constellations Cape

    2,640  Fred Sathal
  • Cosmic Caftan

    4,320  Fred Sathal
  • Klimt Jacket

    6,600  Fred Sathal
  • Liane Dress

    3,840  Fred Sathal
  • Luxuriant Tank Top

    2,280  Fred Sathal
  • Mineral Dress

    10,800  Fred Sathal
  • Nebula Jacket

    4,800  Fred Sathal
  • Night Denim Pants

    2,760  Fred Sathal
  • Opalin Tunic Dress

    3,960  Fred Sathal
  • Pepites Cape

    12,000  Fred Sathal
  • Pointilliste Dress

    3,600  Fred Sathal
  • Rainbow Top & Skirt

    7,920  Fred Sathal
  • Sakura Jacket

    9,600  Fred Sathal
  • Stellaire Denim Pants

    4,200  Fred Sathal
  • Twilight Dress

    9,600  Fred Sathal