Eugénie Viellard

Paris, France

Eugénie Viellard is a young woman who creates a diverse jewellery, elegant and cheerful, reflecting her youth spirit and femininity. Brilliantly using the colors of her favorite stones, she mixes them to create unique jewellery influenced by multiple encounters with the different art forms and the world. From the rainbow range of electric blue, to turquoise blue, rubellites red rose ruby color, sapphires, labradorites, diamonds, Muzo emerald, spinels, and garnets, she creates fine jewellery pieces that would keep you speechless. Her jewellery, inspired by her many trips, is designated for bold and refined personalities. Over the years, her tailor-made creations and jewelry pieces with floral inspiration are worked in her Parisian studio in the utmost traditional atelier where creativeness and high end craftsmanship are still confidential in the world of fine jewellery. The custom-made Eugénie Viellard Jewellery creations are signed, numbered and stamped.
  • Busantine Yellow Gold Ring

    3,500  Eugénie Viellard
  • Butterfly Gray Gold Large Pendant

    4,300  Eugénie Viellard
  • Créole Yellow Gold Earrings

    900  Eugénie Viellard
  • Dentelle Gray Gold Ring

    7,000  Eugénie Viellard
  • Dentelle Pink Gold Ring

    5,300  Eugénie Viellard
  • Diamond Wedding Ring

    2,400  Eugénie Viellard
  • Exotic Yellow Gold Fish Ring

    3,500  Eugénie Viellard
  • Glace De Pétales Gray Gold Ring

    3,800  Eugénie Viellard
  • Infini Yellow Gold Ring

    750  Eugénie Viellard
  • Panthère Silver Pendant

    1,000  Eugénie Viellard
  • Panthère White Gold Pendant

    6,500  Eugénie Viellard
  • Plume Canon Yellow Gold Large Earrings

    1,500  Eugénie Viellard
  • Rainbow Créole Pink Gold Earring

    13,500  Eugénie Viellard
  • Rock Golden Ring

    2,800  Eugénie Viellard
  • Rose Pétale Pink Gold Ring

    3,800  Eugénie Viellard
  • Stars Grey Gold Ring

    4,900  Eugénie Viellard
  • Stars Yellow Gold Ring

    4,300  Eugénie Viellard
  • Three Flowers Pink Gold Ring

    2,900  Eugénie Viellard