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“Bringing together France and the Middle East… DivaNoor honors the cultural identity of these two exceptional civilizations rooted in timeless values”

DivaNoor celebrates the special place occupied by French luxury in the Middle Eastern imagination. As an advocate of the French “Art de Vivre”, DivaNoor serves as a standard-bearer for French know-how and creativity, and undertakes to uphold its core values amidst Arabic culture. It acts as a cultural bridge between France and the Arab world. Customers can request their Custom Made pieces directly from the designers’ studios, shop their Limited Editions products on the site or request an On Demand piece from their catalogues.

Isn’t luxury meant to be unique and rare? We uphold artisans who create pieces that are meant to last for years, and passed down from generation to the next.





By private invitation or application only

DivaNoor is an exclusive and curated Marketplace. Established brands and emerging designers are carefully picked to join our network. Together we select and propose fashion that is in line with our clients’ needs for comfortable coverage.



Superior e-Commerce Experience

Customers purchase from multiple brands with one easy check-out. DivaNoor handles the payment through a leading payment gateway (CyberSource), and ensures optimal communication between designers and customers, in all transparency.



Worldwide Shipment

Participating brands and designers ship directly to the customers. DivaNoor puts at their disposal a set of tools designed to streamline the shopping experience, from discovery to delivery and after sales support.

DivaNoor pools the excellence achieved by creative and luxury houses specialized in different aspects of French Art de Vivre. Whether large or small, venerable or recently established, DivaNoor’s members draw a broad array of unique Frenchh crafts: Haute Maroquinerie, Accessories, Jewelry, Perfume and Beauty. All very involved in the creation process, they are constantly renewing french culture. In the Middle East, they epitomize style, craftsmanship and sophisticated living.

Paris Designers,
Jewellers and Artisans


Limited Editions
On Demand Luxury

If you are interested in working with DivaNoor, please contact info@divanoor.com or request a membership. Membership at DivaNoor is by approval only.

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